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About BPA and Plastic

Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe?

The fact is the FDA has concluded that all food grade plastics are extremely safe for human consumption.

Some of these plastic products are made with minute amounts of a chemical called BPA. This is a chemical used by the plastic industry to make certain products more pliable. Even though medical studies on humans haven’t concluded anything unhealthy about it so far, the national media tells us that BPA should be avoided because it leaches this chemical into all of our food products and they say that can cause illnesses.

Plastic has been in use since the 1950’s. We are totally surrounded by it. It’s in our cars and in our schools and in our offices. It IS your cell phone and your computer. It touches virtually every food product you eat and drink unless you pick it from a field. (Even then, the seeds, fertilizer, and every other aspect of planting involve plastic) Every hospital, every doctor and every surgical procedure is dependent on plastic. Our FDA confirms it’s totally safe.

The scientific focus has been mostly on products where the plastic was heated to cooking temperatures. This is why the United States and Canada has outlawed certain baby bottles and other infant use plastic containers for cooking and reheating purposes.

Just to be on the safe side, it’s probably a really good idea NOT to cook your food or beverages in any kind of plastic containers or wrap for now. Our products are never heated, and there is no need for our customers to heat them in the plastic containers they are delivered in.

Also, there are “safe” plastics that are made without BPA. Look for the small triangle symbol on the bottom of any plastic container and inside you’ll find a number. The “safe” plastics are #1 #2 #4 #5

We have several reusable containers (including 5 gallon jugs) and one time use bottles made with “safe” non BPA plastic. We are also working on some corn based containers that are not only safe but are actually biodegradable. (Non-petroleum plastic)

Even though the national media has been hyperventilating over BPA for years, there have never been any illnesses or sicknesses medically proven to be linked to FDA food grade plastics. That being said, further studies may change that. That is why we are working towards eliminating any chance of risk.

The laboratory studies done so far indicate the minuscule amount of BPA exposure in these plastics is way below the dosage of any health risk factor known to harm humans.